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Nicole Babel

My Story

How I got started with business development and sales leadership

Business Development and Leadership Experts

With 20+ years of successful sales and leadership experience, Nicole has found her sweet spot helping business owners reach their growth targets by developing high-performing leaders and rainmakers.

“I love developing people and helping them achieve their personal goals. Ultimately, growing and developing people is what creates the value organizations desire but struggle to achieve. It is very satisfying for me to see people reach their full potential and the impact it has on their organizations and their families. I am thrilled to be able to offer cutting-edge programs and advice to organizations ready to lead their team to the next level.”

Specialization Areas:

Nicole works with growth-minded firms in architecture and workplace interiors located all over the United States. Her clients go from lacking confidence, feeling overwhelmed with business development to clear and certain about how to crush business development goals and live a life full of purpose.

Average results in the first year of coaching, according to our coach reviews:

+ 0 %

RFP Conversions

+ 0 %

Projects’ Net Profitability

+ 0 %

Month On Month Revenue

+ 0 %

Revenue Per Employee Within 24 Months

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When you have the right ATTITUDE to grow your firm, ACCOUNTABILITY to do what you say you will do to go to the next level, and take ACTION in a structured methodical way, your firm will grow rapidly and achieve true transformation.

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