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Frank Niekamp

My Story

How I got started working with AEC Professionals and what we have done with them over the years.

Transforming talented "doers"
into "Rainmakers"

I received my degree from the Ohio State University and spent the first 25 years of my career marketing to Architects, Contractors, Developers and Commercial End Users making a lot of great relationships along the way.

Fast forward to 2019, I left the bureaucracy of Corporate America behind to satisfy an entrepreneurial itch that desperately needed a scratch. I craved the freedom and autonomy of running my own company and fell in love with the idea of helping business leaders overcome the same challenges I experienced early in my career.

Soon after I started my own sales coaching firm and quickly found myself working with a number of small and medium sized companies in the commercial interiors industry. The businesses were all slightly different, but the issues were the same: They all needed help developing better processes, strategies, and the skills to grow revenue.

One of my very first coaching clients was a long-time friend who owned an Architectural Firm. “Brad” and I were enjoying a cold brew and sharing stories about our respective businesses.

He expressed to me how challenging it was to be actively engaged in design work as a partner to keep revenue growth consistent and predictable. He wanted my help with developing stronger business development competencies with his firm.

When we sat down together with his business partner “Greg” and identified the challenges and opportunities that stood in their way, we quickly learned how the consulting work I was doing was a terrific match for them.

In spite of having achieved single digit growth for the past 10 years, you might say that we started working Brad & Greg’s team at the perfect time. 2 months after we helped them select key associates to participant in our Transformation program the world was suddenly turned upside down by COVID-19.

Half of their projects were put on hold and 75% of their active pipeline was cancelled. There is never a perfect time to work on your business but the lesson learned was that it was better to take action when it wasn’t critical than after the fact.

The foundation we had installed gave them the confidence to not lay-off any of their valuable team and we quickly re-established their revenue to pre-Covid numbers in the first 6 months. What’s more amazing is within the first 12 months the firm was actually 50% ahead of pre-Covid revenue and the staffing levels remained the same.

By choosing the type of projects they were getting involved with and not taking anything that came their way – revenue per employee had increased by more 33% nearly tripling their net profit.

Average results in the first year of coaching, according to our coach reviews:

+ 0 %

RFP Conversions

+ 0 %

Projects’ Net Profitability

+ 0 %

Month On Month Revenue

+ 0 %

Revenue Per Employee Within 24 Months

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When you have the right ATTITUDE to grow your firm, ACCOUNTABILITY to do what you say you will do to go to the next level, and take ACTION in a structured methodical way, your firm will grow rapidly and achieve true transformation.

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